April 28, 2001

LaValle, Victor
Narrative Forms

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Victor LaValle will be your best critic--he's brutally honest. He won't hesitate to rip your stories to shreds. But on the other hand, he will give praise where praise is due. He is meticulous in reading your story, going through line by line with substantial comments at the end. Great sense of humor, he kept the atmosphere relaxed, but he also made sure to encourage honest, fair critique in the class. Please check out his collection of stories, Slapboxing With Jesus! He is an extremely talented writer. Perhaps the only disappointment you might have is with the class itself and the quality of the students' writing. It was a mixed bunch of really good writers and not so great writers.


2 stories which are workshopped and one final story which didn't count in the final grade, but was required so that we would be able to write more. Critique 3 student stories every week and be prepared for class discussion.