December 29, 2004

Leonard, Daniel
[FYSB BC1156/69] First Year Seminar: Legacy of the Mediterranean I

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

I hate to admit it, but I did enjoy Daniel's class. While many of my peers slept straight through the semester, literally sprawled and drooling on the table right next to him, I absorbed quite a few chunks of wisdom from the guy. He is definitely a teacher that does his homework. He always came prepared to class with carefully analyzed passages to talk about and often brought up really interesting points I never would have thought of on my own. With the load of books we have to pack into the semester, who has the time to consider that Homer spares the bard in the Odyssey from murder? Daniel does the work of careful reading for you. Although I admit, I had days when I looked at the clock every other minute, I have to give him credit for his well thought out lessons (and incredible enunciation!). On the other hand, though he brought interesting points to the table, he didnÂ’t do a great job of involving the class in conversation. He certainly tried by asking us many questions, wanting our view and opinions, but somehow he couldnÂ’t ever start that rousing debate English teachers seek. If you do speak, he listens carefully, and your point will be acknowledged with an "excellent", or at least a "great", but in my class, people would rarely contribute. Oh what patience Daniel had! He could wait through whole, awkward minutes of silence before he would give up on us answering. His tolerance was almost maddening at times when half the class wouldnÂ’t show up some days and he wouldnÂ’t say a word, or people would practically fall asleep on top of his notes and he wouldnÂ’t so much as give them a nudge. He is such a nice guy you should almost feel guilty not taking this class.


Light, I hear, compared to other Legacy classes. We wrote two papers, the ten page required paper for First Year Seminars, and a reaction paper roughly every other week. As long as you write a mini analytical essay for each reaction paper, Daniel will be happy (single space if you must). He gives the same grade for every piece of work you turn in, so start off on the right foot.