December 27, 2004

Consagra, Pier
Basic Drawing

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Pier is fabulous. He's such an entertaining guy, and he makes class a ton of fun. I'd never taken a visual arts class before this one, and now I'm hooked. He starts really compelling discussions sometimes, and has really neat projects/assignments. There is a lot of figure drawing, which is really helpful and hard to find elsewhere. He's a really chill teacher, and, like any art teacher, is a little bit crazy, but in a great way. He likes to encourage his students to explore both their left and right brains in the drawing, which is where the doodling aspect mentioned in other reviews comes in. If he feels you're strong enough with figure drawing (usually for those who have more experience), then he will encourage you to doodle for the last number of classes. Really interesting things came out of this, and it was cool to see. His critiques are somewhat silly, but they're entertaining, and there's definitely a lot of value in everyone hanging up their work for the rest of the class to see. This class definitely helped me learn a lot about drawing, and to develop a style of my own. Pier is very supportive, but my only critique of him and the class is that you will never know what you're getting in the class until it shows up on your grade report at the end -- as much as he loves you and you finish all your work on time, you're not guaranteed an A. I really don't know how he grades, but it seems generally fair, with a few flaws.


About one drawing per week, this lessens as the semester progresses. Final is the famous life-size self-portrait, which is a very intimidating project, but quite rewarding. This year he kept raving about someone who drew themselves on a toilet -- he likes strange/semi-pornographic things a lot..