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Intro to Earth Science II

May 01, 2002

Hemming, Sidney Silver_nugget
Intro to Earth Science II

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I have to disagree with the last review. Sydney is slightly overenthusiastic and disorganized, but this really isn't a bad thing. She's really nice, the class is small for an intro class, her quizzes and tests are EXTREMELY easy, and she took us on a field trip to Fire Island which basically consisted of wandering around a beautiful beach on a sunny day. If you make an effort to actually read the book once in a while and get up for the 10 am Friday classes, you'll have no problem. Awesome way to fulfill the science requirement.


weekly quizzes just to make sure you're not slacking TOO much, 2 midterms (one was fill-in-the-blank with a wordbank!), final. field trip is extra credit.

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