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First Year Seminar: Urban Myths

February 20, 2002

Minnite, Lorraine Silver_nugget
First Year Seminar: Urban Myths

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READ THIS FIRST!! I can see where the other reviewers are coming from. Upon initial inspection, she has a very dry, sometimes boring personality. Minnite is often way too serious for her own good, but if you give her a chance you'll see that it's just her defense mechanism to avoid her OUT-OF-CLASSROOM LONLINESS! We asked her why there were no field trips, she said it was because last year nobody showed up for her. (tear!) This year people showed up and she seemed to genuinely be happy and her heart softened. (tear!) If Minnite is making breakthroughs in her social health, so can you by giving her a chance. She knows her stuff.


regular movie screenings (she pops for food sometimes), long syllabus but easy to BS your way through short papers. Two longer essays serve as midterm and final.

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