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[FYSB-BC1199-01] Losing Yourself

May 04, 2020

Lynn, Andrew Silver_nugget
[FYSB-BC1199-01] Losing Yourself

Professor Lynn is honestly one of my favorite professors so far. He is super nice and was very accommodating during our transition to online classes. He is approachable, down to earth, and extremely great at leading discussions when people feel lost. He also encourages you to expand on your answers so both you and the rest of your class gain a deeper understanding of the readings and the topics of understanding. However, he is also understanding of people who are quiet and aren't as confident with speaking in a seminar, and will work with you to build your confidence throughout the year. The readings in this class were all very interesting and relevant to our lives today, with discussion about technology, attention, and the way we view visual media. We also talk about art, but you do not need to have a background in art for this class at all. The course made me rethink the way I perceive the world.

Highly recommend this class! This was not a stressful class for me at all, and I learned a lot about formatting my thoughts and expanding my perspective. There are some readings that can be on the longer side, but Professor Lynn does a great job clarifying in class. I definitely would recommend you read them, since seminars rely heavily on class participation and so you get the most out of this class. Please try your best to be prepared and participate in class!

Definitely take this class or any other class with Professor Lynn!!


1-2 Essays
1 viewing report for a project (our class went to a museum and described starring at a painting for an hour)
3 short response papers to readings (there are more than enough opportunities to do this, and you can choose which readings to respond to--you just need to submit three before Spring Break)
1 presentation (but my class did a paper instead because we were on Zoom)

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