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[FYSBC1199] Losing Yourself: Absorption in Visual Media

May 04, 2020

Lynn, Andrew Silver_nugget
[FYSBC1199] Losing Yourself: Absorption in Visual Media

wonderful class.....wonderful man....need I say more? I wish I could sip tea with him and chat about everything....

however, please take this class if and only if you are interested in the subject matter and are willing to participate and speak genuinely. take it because you want to learn how to change your perspective on media, absorption, and attention, not because the professor is highly reviewed. Otherwise if you come to class unappreciative of the readings or impartial about the subject matter, a seminar class would be underwhelming no matter who teaches it.

That being said, I loved how this class made me think and Andrew has a beautiful mind! Can never tire of what he says because his thoughts are worth more than jade! please publish a book


4 reading responses
a 4-5 page paper
a viewing report paper
and a final project (usually a presentation)

a reading every class !

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