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[FYSB-BC1721-01] Fact, Fiction & Truth

January 07, 2020

Myers, Holly
[FYSB-BC1721-01] Fact, Fiction & Truth

Professor Myers is the best! She is incredibly approachable and kind, and does her best to collaborate with her students- whether it is through class discussion or meetings about your papers. Her grading is very fair and reasonable, and she strives to make herself available for her students.
The texts itself were very interesting and engaging. There were more Russian texts than I expected. (Not a bad thing at all, just unexpected! Should have predicted this given that Professor Myers has a PhD in Slavic Languages.)
This class has helped to inform how I approach news articles, documentaries, historical fiction, etc. Highly recommend!


Readings for every class (not bad at all)
One 5-7 minute presentation
One 3 page paper
One 5 page paper
One 7 page paper
Final creative project
Final paper, 3-7 pages, just about analyzing what you created for your final project
(Final project is super chill and open to interpretation)

December 19, 2019

Myers, Holly
[FYSB-BC1721-01] Fact, Fiction & Truth

Professor Myers is the most incredible human and thought provoking professor. She was so encouraging while still being challenging. She always understood if I needed an extension, she is super intentional in her grading, and she always lead the class in the most interesting discussions.
I am seriously going to miss her.
Fact Fiction and Truth has developed my writing and analytical skills in drastic ways. I am constantly making connections with what we have learned and I was introduced to some of my favorite authors.
I cannot say enough good things, please take this class. Or really any class with Professor Myers.


There is a reading or two every week, 4 essays and 2 presentations, but she never strays from the syllabus (unless to make our workload lighter) and really guides you through everything.

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