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[RELIG 4011] Religion, Mind, and Science Fiction

December 12, 2019

Faure, Bernard
[RELIG 4011] Religion, Mind, and Science Fiction

Professor Faure is a knowledgable guy, but his class is super unstructured. Half of the class was him talking about stuff which did not always relate to the novel, and the rest was a class discussion which felt weird because we were not sitting in a circle and it just felt like we were listening to each other comments.
Professor Faure went on way too many tangents!
Would not recommend a seminar class with him, even if I liked him.
Also the books in the syllabus were not the best... I can think of a lot of other sci-fi books on the topic which would have been a lot more engaging.


One 2h-seminar every week
One book a week (200-500 pages)
One discussion post about the book each week
One final about whatever you want (creative piece or something exploring a theme in one of the novels)

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