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[HIST 2377] World History Since WWII

December 06, 2019

Connelly, Matthew
[HIST 2377] World History Since WWII

Class: World History Since WWII

This is a large class, and is taught old school lecture style. The material is very interesting- even non-history/liberal arts majors seemed engaged. Professor Connelly is obviously passionate about the material, and he's also quite funny. He leaves all assignment and grading responsibility to the TAs, so except for going to class I had no reason to have contact with him. At the beginning of class when I had questions about grades or assignments he immediately referred me to a TA.


Three 1,500 word historical film analysis papers, plus the midterm and final. For the midterm and final, you are given the choice between 2-3 prompts and have exactly one week to write a 5,000 word paper to the prompt of your choice. Not terrible, but since there is such a short time limit you really have to be careful about your schedule around his midterm and final.

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