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Shakespeare in America

November 12, 2019

Shapiro, James Silver_nugget
Shakespeare in America

Loved this class. I had tried to get into his class for five years and finally made it into this one. I never thought of Shakespeare and America together but after this class I don't think I could ever ignore the connection between the two. His prompts definitely prod the class to think and discuss. But thinking is paramount. The small class size allows the students to inspire each other and rise to the discussion at hand while at the same time revisiting American History in another context. And that context included Shakespeare. Who knew? You will never be able to think of Abraham Lincoln and his assassination the same way again. The perfect class that shows what Columbia is about, which is connecting seemingly disparate moments and people in ways that change your life.


Lots of reading but all of it is fascinating. Final research paper which the class exchanges with each other and discusses. Intimidating and fantastic.

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