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[FILM UN2040] Cinema History 4: after 1990

June 18, 2019

Pena, Richard Silver_nugget
[FILM UN2040] Cinema History 4: after 1990

I loved Professor Pena. He is a really knowledgeable guy and truly loves film. He made time to meet with me in office hours and wanted me to do really well. His classes are primarily made up of grad students, so the conversation was always really good. Sometimes his views are a bit outdated and his movie choices as well, but he always tied them back to the evolution of cinema as a whole. If you are a film major, I definitely suggest this course. I'm not a film major and took the course, but really found myself wanting to become a film major over the duration of the course because Pena goes into the history of film more than the technical aspects and it really made it an amazing time.

There's a lot of work for this class, but it really added to the depth of the course, so it didn't feel painful.


10 2-3 page essays. One for each of the first 10 films, but collected in packs of 4 or 3.
200 pages of reading a week, but you go over them all in class so you don't need to read them
A final assignment where you answer 3 questions, which was really doable

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