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[FYS-BC1337] Feminism and the Politics of Anger

May 24, 2019

Benjamin, Meredith
[FYS-BC1337] Feminism and the Politics of Anger

Taking Feminism and the Politics of Anger was one of the best decisions I made at Barnard as a first-year. Meredith Benjamin is very engaging and excited about her materials regarding intersectionality and feminism. She sparks a lot of great discussions, which was helpful for me because I am not always great at participating. Aside from the brilliant texts we read, such as This Bridge Called My Back, a ton of Ahmed, Bell Hooks, and Audre Lorde, what I loved most about this experience was the writing aspect of it. Sure, the essays and writing assignments were challenging, but I definitely grew as a writer and as a critical thinker. Meredith Benjamin provided extensive, insightful notes and feedback about my essays which really helped me grasp the ideas that I didn't even know I had. I think every first-year should take this course! It really shaped my second semester-experience in the best way possible. A HUGE thanks to Meredith Benjamin for everything!


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