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[HUMA C1001] Masterpieces of Western Literature and Philosophy (Literature Humanities)

May 20, 2020

Tommasino, Pier Gold_nugget
[HUMA C1001] Masterpieces of Western Literature and Philosophy (Literature Humanities)

While I was initially apprehensive about tackling a rigorous humanities course, I can confidently say that Prof. Tommasino put all my fears to rest. Prof. Tommasino is the best Lit Hum professor one could hope to get. He does everything in his power to create the most relaxed environment possible, and he openly welcomes all ideas regardless of how disconnected they may be from the text. His office hours are also accessible. The workload is surprisingly light for Lit Hum—everything is graded extremely generously, he doesn’t really care about the passage IDs for the exams (which are already easy enough on the ones he writes himself), there aren’t any extraneous assignments like discussion posts or mandatory projects/presentations, and everyone gets a massive buffer from the weight of the participation grade. I am grateful to Prof. Tommasino for inspiring my revitalized appreciation for both the humanities and Columbia’s overall philosophy about the value of a well-rounded education. If you get his section, you’d be wise to stay in it for the rest of the year. Otherwise, do everything you can to get in.


Fall: Participation (30%), Paper #1 (5%), Paper #2 (10%), Midterm (20%), In-Class Essay (10%), Final (25%)

Spring: Participation (30%), Paper #1 (10%), Paper #2 (15%), Midterm (20%), Final (25%)

It should be an easy A as long as you talk at least once a week and demonstrate some level of effort in your writing. To provide more perspective on his grading, he has given out an A- - (double minus) on some occasions to avoid dipping into the B-range, so there’s no need to stress. I honestly never had time to do the reading since I always had my nose deep in problem sets, but I still did well with just study guides from previous years and the summaries from SparkNotes, CliffsNotes, and Course Hero.

May 24, 2019

Graham, Austin Silver_nugget
[HUMA C1001] Masterpieces of Western Literature and Philosophy (Literature Humanities)

The reviewer below has no idea. I may not have taken his lecture class, but I could not have gotten a better professor than TAG in a seminar setting. His feedbacks on the essays are quite useful and he has reasonable expectation. In class, he listens carefully to everyone's comments and articulately provides his own thoughts on them. Yes, you have to work very hard to get an A, but that's pretty much expected in any class you'll take at Columbia.


1/3 essays 1/3 exams 1/3 participation.

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