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[HUMA 1001] Lit Hum

May 04, 2019

Chida, Nassime Silver_nugget
[HUMA 1001] Lit Hum

Nassime is truly the best Lithum professor I could have asked for. Not only did she actually teach me how to close read and write an analytical essay, but she made class interesting, is the most approachable professor I had all year, is hella accessible, and goes out of her way to help. You will actually learn to read and write (you'd be surprised that you may not have known how bc lol I didnt). She gives helpful comments (albeit a lot). She's also a Dante Scholar so you will enjoy reading Inferno with her. The only bad review on here HAS to be from someone that got a grade they didn't like and couldn't handle that. Nassime is an awesome instructor and so fair in grading.


2 papers, 1 short in class presentation, 1 participation statement, midterm, final
The same as any Lithum class honestly (so a lot) but it's not her fault

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