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[HUMA 1002] Lit Hum

May 02, 2020

Jackson, Larry
[HUMA 1002] Lit Hum

I had Larry as my LitHum teacher first semester, and he was fantastic. Truly one of the best teachers I’ve ever had - he facilitated in class discussions really well, and made the texts interesting and memorable. On top of being a great professor he’s also just a really nice guy. Really understanding, really kind. Everyone in my section loved him - he only taught for the fall and we were all really sad to part with him. Highly recommend!


About 2/3 essays, NO weekly discussion posts, but you kinda do have to do the readings because in class participation is a big part of your grade. He’s a pretty tough grader, and although he helped me improve my writing a lot, it definitely isn’t an easy A class.

May 04, 2019

Chida, Nassime Silver_nugget
[HUMA 1002] Lit Hum

She's the literal best Lithum professor I could have asked for. She actually teaches how to close read and leaves helpful (albeit a lot) comments on papers. She's super accessible and will always be available to answer your questions. She identifies meaning in the texts that you never even noticed or considered (even if you've read it) and helps you do the same. She's a Dante scholar and just got her PhD so you're going to love reading Inferno with her. The one bad review on here HAS to be from someone who got a bad grade and couldn't handle it because Nassime is a wonderful instructor and fair in her grading. I wouldn't take this class with anyone else.


2 papers, a participation statement, and a short class presentation
Midterm and Final
It's a lot of reading but that's not her fault

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