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[RELIUN2670] Magic and Modernity

April 30, 2019

Engelke, Matthew
[RELIUN2670] Magic and Modernity

Professor Engelke is such a nice man, and he's really funny too! His lectures are entertaining and he is very enthusiastic about the topics we cover. He likes to play a song at every class.
As for the course itself, I would say it was interesting, but nothing life changing. It even gets a bit repetitive after time and it feel like we only skim certain topics, while others could be approached in a totally different way.
I would neither recommend, nor advise against taking this class.


50 pages of reading a week
6 reading responses total on the readings you desire (1 page single spaced)
1 midterm (6-8 pages essay on reading, answering a prompt)
1 final (8-10 pages essay on the topic you want)

Super manageable workload! :)

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