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[FILM-UN2520-01] Lab in Nonfiction Filmmaking

March 22, 2019

Passoni, Moara
[FILM-UN2520-01] Lab in Nonfiction Filmmaking

Moara is very nice and clearly very passionate about film. You can tell because she is far more concerned about how her new documentary is doing at Sundance than she is about her students' understanding of the course and overall well-being. It is only March and she has changed the syllabus maybe 5 or 6 times. She has requested that we meet on Saturdays twice since the beginning of the semester because she is so disorganized that she is unable to actually teach us. She either gives us way too much time to complete an assignment or not nearly enough. I like her as a person but she is an extremely incompetent professor.


Simply too much! You have to complete several readings and film screenings outside of class. A pre-production journal, a UPASS approval, and post-production journal all while filming and editing the two days before class.

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