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[FYSB BC1719] Short Stories: Big Moments

February 27, 2019

Schneider, Aaron
[FYSB BC1719] Short Stories: Big Moments

This is fine class to have. While he is not the most engaging professor ever, he is fair, which to me means a lot. Most classes are discussion based. As said in previous reviews, he can be pretty involved in the discussion, which mean people are always looking to him for approval for their ideas, but he is pretty open to any ideas as long as they are well supported. He will step out of discussion if people can keep the discussion going without his help. His feedback on essays are very fair. Usually when I get feedback on my writing, I disagree with it and I push back, but his feedback made a lot of sense and didn't seem arbitrary. He as very willing to talk through essay ideas and is very helpful. I have always been one of those people who is hesitant to get help, but once I was really stumped on an essay and talking it through with him really cleared up my ideas.


A short story or two every night to read, sometimes an essay on writing instead-not too bad. 3 short essays, which are very open ended and there are revisions. Both the first draft and the revision count for the same grade, so you get a total of 6 essay grades.

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