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[BC1114] Hot Stuff

January 22, 2019

Rodriguez, Sedelia
[BC1114] Hot Stuff

Sedelia is a very nice professor and I must say that I learned a lot about volcanoes. She makes the material, even the geology, interesting. I'm not in STEM, but was able to follow everything she was talking about because it was very broken down. The class is very fun, but if you are looking for an intense working environment or want to be challenged, I would not necessarily recommend it -- it's pretty much a breeze. We watched a lot of movies, and the only book we read was Journey to the Center of the Earth, which has an intended audience of elementary/middle school students.

While Sedelia may not be a challenging professor, she is a wonderful person. The only book we had was Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Sedelia provided all the students with a copy. On the last day of class, she brought in a huge breakfast spread. She seemed invested in not only her students performance, but in there lives.


basically nothing : readings and some worksheets, several summaries of movies/ some of the readings, one short group presentation, a packet from a trip to the AMNH, oral presentation on a myth about a volcano, a case study into a specific volcano (3-5 pages) as well as an in class presentation. This may seem like a lot, but it is graded by completion.

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