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[20957 ] Readings in Law and Justice

December 21, 2018

Jacobs, Valerie
[20957 ] Readings in Law and Justice

She really knows what she's doing, and my writing has certainly improved as the semester progressed. But -- she's arrogant, condescending, and time spent in class is time wasted. We spent significant amounts of time discussing the research for the book she wants to publish, her political views, and her experience as an "important lawyer."

Moreover, her feedback on essays are inconsistent and if you manage to meet with her for a 5 minute conversation, she makes it seem as though she's doing you the biggest favor in the world.

My advisor had warned me about her coming in, but I did not heed her instructions. If you have the option, drop the course.


Heavy readings and many hours spent on the essays. You won't get an A.

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