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[RUSS 1102] Russian Beginner II

May 25, 2018

Kun, Nataliya Gold_nugget
[RUSS 1102] Russian Beginner II

Everything people said below is true. I'm don't want to repeat myself so here are some metrics that showcase her talents.

-Each year, we participate in a Russian essay contest for all US college students studying Russian. Each student competes with over 1500 students in the US. Out of the thousands of essays submitted for the A2 level (my classes level), three students got a medal (gold, bronze, and silver). They all were from Columbia University and they were all from 1 out of the 3 A2 level sections at Columbia, which was taught by Nataliya.

–A few months before I finished the school year, I applied to receive $1500 to go study in Russia and my friend applied for an even more prestigious $5000 grant to do the same. We are not slavic language majors and this is only our second semester with any contact with the language, but with Nataliya's recommendations we both won the grants!

She's seriously one of a kind. Take her.


High. But that's not a reflection of her teaching. More a reflection of the course––in other words, you are going to get the same courseload no matter what instructor you chose and Nataliya is the best to help you get through it.

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