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[FYSB-BC1466] Sustainability (FYS)

April 21, 2018

Mailloux, Brian Silver_nugget
[FYSB-BC1466] Sustainability (FYS)

Professor Mailloux really doesn't deserve that silver nugget in my opinion... Mailloux is a little bit of a loony in the sense that you don't really know what is going through his mind. His class is pretty inconsistent, although he does come prepared with a schedule of what we should accomplish. It was just really... boring. I was expecting some great and challenging content about Sustainability, but instead we talked about the most basic and simplistic topics.

The feedback he gives back on essays is very poor. You have to go meet with him because he doesn't like giving written comments. I have never left his office knowing what I should change in order to improve my paper. Don't expect to making any progress in writing, no speaking, under his watch.

I feel bad being so harsh in my review, but I really felt like this class was a waste of my time.


Two short writings.
Three essays (the final is a "mini scientific paper").
A book to read ("Behind the Beautiful Forevers").
Readings for each class (not too heavy!).

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