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Urbanization, Junior Colloquium

January 27, 2002

Gutfreund, Owen
Urbanization, Junior Colloquium

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Owen is incredibly interesting and a great professor---***IF***---you are interested in the material. If you're taking it as an easy class, you'll be bored. But if you love city planning and politics and the ideas of sewage pipes and transportation, then he's great. He has high expectations though and is very anal about stuff---don't go to class a minute late. But he's interesting and very knowledgeable and would love you to come to his office hours and talk about anything.


For urbanization---people say it's an easy A---it's not---it's an easy B, though. You have to go to lecture. There's no reading, just a website you can ignore. You have to post though every so often. Your papers have to be decently researched. Two are on SimCity though, which is kinda fun. Midterm, Final and 3 papers. Junior Colloquium---one book a week that you HAVE to read. Your final paper which is 20 pages or so and has to be up to par, and you really should be working on it the whole semester not just the last week, b/c he tests you before class on your progress.

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