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[UW] University Writing

Great instructor and human being! People kept on complaining about UW for the entirety of the previous semester, but when it was my turn to take it I couldn't see what the fuss was about, because Reid just made it a painless core class. He taught the data and society section and it was really fun and covered interesting and relevant topics. He gives good and valuable feedback on your work and actually gives useful suggestions, and does his best to understand your work from your perspective and help you achieve what YOU want. Class was always pretty chill and low stress, and his soothing voice is a plus. He's very organized and understanding and you will not fell pressured in his class whatsoever. Can't say much about his grading because of the pandemic situation but I believe everyone did pretty well on their P1 essay. All in all really great experience and would definitely recommend him.


Easy. Readings and assignments assigned every class but he never really checks them and they don't count towards your grade; just skim through the readings to keep up with the class discussions. Standard UW progression essays which are not hard to get through if you follow the tentative schedule and due dates which he recommends.

April 22, 2020

Florin-Sefton, Mia
[UW] University Writing

Take. Her. Class.

Besides a seriously cool person and a total sweetheart, Mia is an excellent writing teacher. Under her, my writing improved more substantially than it did with any other professor I've had at Columbia. This, in part, is a result of her toughness. She will scrutinise bad prose. Yet, she is able to do so with such wit, sweetness, and intelligence that you never take it personally. In this way, she also sets a great tone for the whole class: we are smart kids challenging ourselves and each other, but we have a lot of fun with it.

The readings Mia assigns are stellar, and you have a lot of flexibility to write about whatever you want for your essays. I had no prior interest to Gender and Sexuality before taking her class and still found it accessible, exciting, and interesting. (On this point, she also allows for a lot of other identity explorations like race and class if gender and sexuality isn't your area.)

Her grading is somewhat harsh but you can definitely get an A if you give her your best. (I did, despite a lot of procrastination and skipping some readings.) Even if you don't, though, you will learn a lot from her.


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January 03, 2018

Lundy, Timothy
[UW] University Writing

I appreciated Tim's one on one conferences and the feedback I received on my drafts. He is very responsive to emails and willing to help.If you can't submit a draft, he's usually lenient with the exception of the final drafts, of course. If you work hard and show improvement, you'll be fine. That being said, at times I was confused by what Tim wanted and the class became dry over the course of the semester. He has a strict attendance policy, so make sure to read the syllabus. All in all, he's extremely helpful. Reach out to him and go to office hours!


A LOT! Brace yourself for a lot of writing, stress, and crying. Unlike most classes, I devoted a lot of time to this class, nearly every weekend. Make sure to use your time wisely!

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