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[GEOR W4042] Cultural Heritage: A Georgian Case Study

January 06, 2020

Ninoshvili, Lauren
[GEOR W4042] Cultural Heritage: A Georgian Case Study

Very unpredictable grading.
You have to write exactly what she wants to hear. Otherwise, your answer will be considered incomplete.
It's just too much work and stress for a global core class.
I regret taking this class.


- Twelve 250-word responses to a weekly prompt (posted on Courseworks), due no later than 24 hours before each class meeting(x 2 pts each = 24 + 1 = 25%). If she is not satisfied with your response you get just 1 point (50%).

- Attendance, preparedness for,and participation in class discussions (15%)

- 1000-word take-home midterm essay(20%)

- Annotated bibliography of 15-20 sources on the topic of final paper(15%)

- Twelve-to-fifteen-page final research paper on the topic of choice(25%)

March 05, 2017

Ninoshvili, Lauren
[GEOR W4042] Cultural Heritage: A Georgian Case Study

If you want a good grade, don't want to put in too much work - FORGET ABOUT THIS CLASS!

500 words essay every week, therefore you have to do all the readings and sophisticated analysis.

Grading: Overall, she seems relatively simple, but you not going to get an easy A.

Professor Ninashvili is too demanding. The Cultural Heritage in Georgia should be much easier.

Had to drop it, tried as the 5th course, but too much of reading and too much of writing - just too much!

Do not recommend!


- 500-word responses to each week’s readings/study assignments, to be submitted to the instructor
by email before midnight the day of the class meeting (12 responses x 2 pts each = 25%)
- 1000-word take-home midterm essay (20%)
- Annotated bibliography of 20-25 sources gathered in preparation for the final project (20%)
- In-class presentation on topic of final research project (10%)
- Final research project on topic of choice (25%)

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