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[GU4400] advanced printmaking

June 22, 2017

Sze, Sarah
[GU4400] advanced printmaking

Even though Sarah Sze's name is on the listing, the class is taught by three professors, Sze, Kiki Smith, and Valerie Hammond. They split the days so you'll only see Sze 4 days out of the semester. For the days she is here, you feel that she is invested in her student's development. It takes her one critique session with you to figure out who you are as a person and artist. She'll provide insight to your artwork and personality to the point it's actually quite unsettling - She's like Sherlock Holmes at figuring out Art and Artist.

Unfortunately you'll be fighting for her time during class with MFA students who treat this class like their personal extra critique time with Sze. Fight for your time - this is a class primarily for Undergrad art majors.

And yeah. Kiki Smith co-teaches this class. She's super awesome - though she is not as an effective an instructor as Sze - to say the least.


A lot. You'll have to complete 3 separate final projects for each professors. And they are harsher graders than your usual Art professors. Recommended for VA majors on their Junior year.

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