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June 01, 2017

Maenza-Gmelch, Terryanne Silver_nugget

"Boring name; great class"

Basically we met once a week and during this meeting there was a lecture for half an hour and then a walk around riverside park.

After spring break, the class stopped meeting during the week and instead went on field trips to various parks in the area. I would recommend letting her know when Bacchanal is because my class ending up being on a field trip during it because no one told her.
She is very accommodating at the beginning of the semester on dates.

Terryanne is the best. She loves what she does and she is fair.

There are a lot of assignments but a lot of them I did during the lectures and they didn't take very long.


Weekly bird song quizzes (studied 15 minutes before)
Weekly readings with a response emailed to her
2 paper presentations (took me 30 minutes outside of class)
Trip to the American Museum of Natural History and WKS that doesn't need to take long
2 lab reports that took about 2 hours each
2-3 field journals
1 exam in class which she tells you what will be covered
1 take home exam
Final is a slideshow of birds / trees to identify. #simple

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