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[FYSB BC1471] The Body Social (FYS)

April 10, 2017

Bernstein, Elizabeth
[FYSB BC1471] The Body Social (FYS)

I also feel the need to write a review considering some of the negativity below. Prof. Bernstein is one of the best professors I've ever had- she is brilliant, kind, engaging, and a phenomenal facilitator. This is a seminar class that focuses mainly on our readings, which can be dense, but are always SO rewarding, esp. with Prof. Bernstein's help in facilitating meaningful discussions that allow me to leave each class with a much stronger grasp on the readings than I had going in to the day.

This is my favorite class I've taken so far in my academic career. If you have the incredible opportunity to take a class with Prof. Bernstein, I urge you to do so!!


Heavy readings BUT always fulfilling and thoroughly reviewed in class. Usually somewhere from 50-100 pages a week, which are dense and take a few hours, but always so worth it.

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