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[CSPH GU4801] Math Logic I

January 10, 2017

Lando, Tamar Silver_nugget
[CSPH GU4801] Math Logic I

This was an interesting class that treated logic from a mathematical perspective. In that this was a math class, I appreciated the formality and precision with which Lando presented proofs. Each proof was done rigorously and convincingly, perhaps sometimes to a fault. Overall, the class was very understandable and appropriately detailed.

The material itself followed the first half of Enderton exactly. We covered set theory and notation, recursive definitions and inductive proofs, sentential logic, and first order logic. Most of the results were fairly straightforward, easy to prove, but interesting insofar as their interpretation. The last few classes were used to prove completeness and compactness of a deductive system, which is a non-trivial result with a lot of interesting implications. This was certainly the most exciting part of the class.


Weekly problem sets were fairly straightforward though occasionally long. They were graded for completion. The midterm and take-home final were comparable to the problem sets.

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