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[film bc3250] intro to film and media studies

April 06, 2017

Gaines, Jane
[film bc3250] intro to film and media studies

DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS! Unless you enjoy spending four hours, once a week, hearing one ignorant and racist comment after another avoid taking this class at all cost. Not only has she proven incredibly ignorant in a number of situations, the actual lectures are convoluted and confusing at best, at worst she makes up her own terms for things and seems to even confuse herself, often changing what she's saying in the middle of a sentence and rambling on about irrelevant things that not even the TAs seem to comprehend. She often neglects to speak in proper, coherent sentences. I learned more from the TA lead discussion sections than from the actual lecture. The essays are all graded by the TAs so it really depends on who you get.


okay, you don't really have to do the readings, 1 midterm (two weeks before finals)

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