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[RELIUN3425] Jewish Literature in Medieval Iberia

December 17, 2016

Levy, Isabelle Gold_nugget
[RELIUN3425] Jewish Literature in Medieval Iberia

I took Jewish Medieval Literature because I needed a Global Core. It actually ended up being my favorite class of the semester. Professor Levy is a really great teacher. What's great about this class is that it's really specific. If you're someone like me who gets frustrated by seminars about really broad topics where all you hear is students talking about how the readings made them feel -- this class is the opposite. Dr. Levy is incredibly knowledgable and has even translated some of the texts on the syllabus. She brings out the best in students.

As someone who didn't know anything about the subject, I thought Levy made each class's material accessible but also dynamic and thought-provoking. She was an undergrad student at Columbia and is very understanding about student's busy schedules. Would recommend over all!


Not bad... 2 5-ish page papers, one midterm, one final. She gives you a study guide for the exams.

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