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The United States: 1940-1975

December 08, 2016

Carnes, Mark Silver_nugget
The United States: 1940-1975

Professor Carnes' US History class is a must take class at Barnard. For every class, he was always passionate, engaging, and enthusiastic Reading quotes from primary sources and asking questions about what the students do given the same information the decision makers had at that time, he truly makes history come alive.

Readings are not that much are not necessarily to do well on his exams. Solely paying attention during his lectures, which is easy to do given how engaging and interactive they are, will prepare the students well for the exams. And even if you do poorly on the midterm, he understands that they may not accurately reflect your intelligence and how much you understand the materials, so if you do well on the final, he will give that into consideration when determining the final grade of the course.


A midterm (fun and not that difficult), a final (not accumulative), and an optional paper that can only help your grade.

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