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FYS: Economic Life and Human Character

December 08, 2016

Burgstaller, Andre
FYS: Economic Life and Human Character

Andre Burgstaller has said SO MANY inappropriate, unprofessional, ignorant, and bigoted things over the course of this semester (in FYS Economic Life and Human Character). He has recommended that a student see a therapist, lectured the class on (antiquated, incorrect, and hurtful) "homosexual identities," and made inappropriate comments and assumptions about students' cultural, racial, and familial backgrounds. He spends an insane amount of class time lecturing about things that are often tangentially related to the content, so we rarely got through the content, including when students were presenting. There is an insane amount of reading that is often dense, but few essays with literally NO prompt - just "write something related!" He is a Marxist and brings back almost every single topic to Marxism and workers rights somehow, regardless of what the people in the class are centering as what they're interested in or see as important. I continually felt challenged in this class - but ideologically, not academically. He said so many things and argued so many points that conflicted with my worldview, and often responded to my disagreement in a way that felt minimizing and as though he was not listening or understanding what I said. But this class was incredibly amusing. We were never bored.


tons of reading (didn't do most of it), presentations on the reading to explain it to the class (a few times per student), two 2-3 page essays, one 6-8 page final essay, weekly journal of reflections on class discussion,

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