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[FYSB-BC1455] FYS: Finding Justice in Literature

November 16, 2016

Weber, Caroline Silver_nugget
[FYSB-BC1455] FYS: Finding Justice in Literature

Professor Weber is an amazing teacher. She is very intelligent and well versed in the texts that she teaches.
I had her for a first year seminar class at Barnard and she was a pleasure to have in a smaller setting.
She is very approachable during office hours and grades pretty fairly.
She holds her students to a very high standard, but at the same time it is your imperative to meet this standard.
My only qualm is that she is a little disorganized from time to time. Although she isn't on top of every detail, she is always apologetic when she makes mistakes, which makes everything okay.
Professor Weber is definitely a good choice.


heavy weekly reading load
one paper: first and second draft are both graded
mock debate
mock class trial
final creative project
course journal that is turned in at the end of the class for a grade
participation and attendance

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