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[PHIL 3701] Ethics

August 18, 2016

Moody-Adams, Michele Silver_nugget
[PHIL V3752] Philosophy of Law and [PHIL 3701] Ethics

Professor Moody- Adams is an incredible woman who knows literally everything. i took her philosophy of law class in the fall and her ethics class in the spring and both were great choices. Moody is an incredibly organized professor, and the readings she assigns are never too long or useless. she covers the reading in class and posts her power points on courseworks. i still think its incredibly worthwhile to go to lecture though because she further elaborates on the major themes of the reading, and engages the class in discussion. by the end of both semesters i left feeling like i had a new perspective on what law is and what ethics means to me.


light : both classes are essay based (3 essays), in class midterm for both (no worries, just do the reading and go to most lectures)

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