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[PHIL C3192] Democracy, Disagreement & Toleration

May 23, 2016

Moody-Adams, Michele Silver_nugget
[PHIL C3192] Democracy, Disagreement & Toleration

Professor Moody-Adams is the single best teacher I've had in my years at Columbia. Aside from her outstanding and inspiring genius, MMA is kind and caring to her students. She makes a sincere effort to get to know her students, and this makes a difference in what can be tough philosophy seminars. Professor Moody-Adams has made me a better student and philosopher, sure, but she's also made me a better person -- and for that I'll be forever grateful. She is a truly amazing person.


3 papers. 4-6 pages; 6-8 pages; 8-12 page term paper. 1 class presentation.

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