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Literature Medicine and Technology

May 13, 2016

Goyal, Rishi (TA)
Literature Medicine and Technology

The best professor I've had at CU. He is so enthusiastic and NICE. He legitimately cares about his students. Of the three assignments we had, I turned in two of them late and he graded them normally. The readings for this class are absolutely amazing (Frankenstein, The Argonauts, Never Let Me Go, a few fantastic medical anthropology pieces) and while you could get away without doing them, I always prioritized them – simply because they are worth reading and discussion is worth participating in. He took us out for beers etc for the last class and is really just such a homie. Also open invitation to shadow him at the emergency department at CUMC (where he is an attending). Super reasonable grader. Not easy A, but an A is possible.


readings every week, 1 casual 2-3 pg midterm: visit him at the hospital and write about the role of medical technology in emergency care or create a medical technology and talk about how it might be received, pros/cons, etc, final 8-10 pg paper on relationship between body and technology and how representations of the body in literature expand or constrain notions of consciousness, identity, and presenting one of the readings to the class, leading a discussion

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