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[PHIL V3701] Ethics

April 30, 2016

Moody-Adams, Michele Silver_nugget
[PHIL V3701] Ethics

Moody-Adams is an ethical boss. Her understanding of the material and her personal insights into it--especially during the last third of the course--are amazing. She has done a tremendous amount of thinking--and writing--in philosophical ethics, and always gives well thought out arguments for and against the claims made in each reading. She has also developed some really compelling views of her own that seem to capture important aspects of what ethical inquiry what is really about. These views are creative and new, yet draw on what feels to be the actual way in which people think about their moral lives, and the class has the privilege of reading a few excerpts from her work in the last week. I'm a philosophy major and gained a lot from her class; anyone who puts thought into their interactions with the world has much to learn from MMA.

I'm really happy I took ethics with her. That said, her lecture style can be frustrating. First of all, she uses powerpoint, which in my opinion is always boring. Her lecture style can be engaging--she certainly does not just read from the slides--but the medium makes the class boring at times and sometimes hurts the logical flow of the class. Secondly, she is often very tired, and it shows. She can be a little disorganized and some of her lectures were not so clear as a result.

Outside of her lecturing--which, to be clear, is sometimes great, often just OK--she is always on point. She loves when students ask questions (though she never prompts them) and she consistently gives thoughtful and interesting answers. She's great to talk to outside of class and clearly cares to talk to her students despite how busy she is.

Oh, man, the readings for this course are amazing. We read the big three of normative ethics--John Stuart Mill, Kant, and Aristotle--and then contemporary philosophers in each of their ethical schools. We then did a week on feminism and the ethics of care (super interesting), one week on egoism, and three weeks on metaethics (which addresses questions of objectivity in ethics and the nature of ethical inquiry). It was all great. There's not to much of it and not too much work either. It was a really great class.


Not so heavy.
One 2-3 page paper, one in-class midterm, one 4-6 page paper, and a take-home final. Readings were also of very reasonable length.

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