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[VIAR 3102R] Painting III

April 20, 2016

Amenoff, Gregory Silver_nugget
[VIAR 3102R] Painting III

Amenoff was an excellent professor. The class allowed me to open my mind to different techniques and types of painting, and it DEFINITELY got me painting much faster. If you want to be artistically challenged in the best way possible, take this class. I learned so much and if I would take it again ANY DAY.

Being in the studio for 6 hours straight is tiring, but it also goes by faster than being in any other 1 hour lecture class (surprising, right?).

Not sure how the grade distribution works, I got an A. He never gives out any grades, just the final grade at the end of the semester that you see on SSOL.


In the beginning, around 2-5 small paintings a week (depending). At the end, the average is one painting per week, but they are larger. You are given three weeks to complete the final project (if I remember correctly), which is independent and you are allowed to design your own ambitious project. Outside of class, I average anywhere from 5 to 15 hours of work per week.

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