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[HUNG W3343] Descriptive Grammar- Hungarian

July 30, 2015

Rounds, Carol Silver_nugget
[HUNG W3343] Descriptive Grammar- Hungarian

I would recommend this class, but with caution.

The clear bright side is that Carol Rounds is an awesome professor. She explain hard concepts (all of which border on grammatical witchcraft) in Hungarian well, although the inherent difficultly of Hungarian grammar makes this a difficult class at times.

I would immediately recommend this to any person in Carol's Hungarian language classes, as it's good review of what you've covered and good prep for what your about to see. (I saw the past tense in this class before I saw it in Elementary II.)

For all others, it's going to take you a lot of review of her packets out of class to know what's going on.


Assignments due roughly every other class, once you understand what she wants they're not that bad.
Midterm presentation- comparison of Hungarian grammatical structure of choice with another language.
Final, which was sort of a homework on steroids.

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ITAL / HNGR ITAL HNGR W3343: Descriptive Grammar-Hungarian Carol Rounds 2012 Fall TR / 10:10-11:25 AM 1