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[MECE E4306] Intro to Aerodynamics

June 07, 2014

Akbari, Pejman
[MECE E4306] Intro to Aerodynamics

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

This class got rather full, with nearly all 50 spots filling up. if you want to learn more about aerodynamics, ranging all the way from Mach 0.3 to Mach 10+, take this class. Prof Akbari's approach was to cover a large number of key points with minimal derivation, which seemed like a refreshing change from other classes. The book used was very clear and spelled out all derivations for those interested, The homeworks were nearly all very straightforward, though some near the end of the semester (supersonic shock waves) just take a while when the tables are being used. It is possible to do fine on the homework without going to class, but Akbari is a "cool dude" and usually keeps them relatively interesting. It's an easy, fun class if you like the material for undergrad and grad students alike.


The grading isn't too harsh, but Prof Akbari gives unexpected questions on the midterm and final. The average for the midterm was around 65%, but I'm sure that corrected and it was higher on the final. About 11 assignments, 1 each week, plus 1 midterm and a final. Nothing unexpected.

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