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[MECE E4430] Automotive Dynamics

June 07, 2014

Honarmandi, Peyman
[MECE E4430] Automotive Dynamics

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In short, this class shouldn't be recommended for the course content. The professor seems like a friendly, animated guy but his teaching methods have a ways to go. For about 60% of lectures he merely copied directly from a book (Gillespie), even taking example book problems and giving them as homework. Unless you love applying Newton's Second Law to various situations involving a car, this class gets old fast. The late class time was definitely of no help in trying to stay alert and focus on long derivations. If a new professor teaches the class perhaps I'd reconsider it, but it just wasn't worth it.


10 assignments, 1 midterm, 1 final, 1 semester-long project. The project is a 15 page paper and powerpoint presentation on nearly any car-related subject you wish. The midterm and final were similar to the homework in many ways and were luckily open-note, but both were rushed for time.

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Dept/Subj Directory Course Professor Year Semester Time Section
MECE / MECE MECE MECE E4430: Automotive Dynamcis: Automotive Dynamics Reza Jazar 2009 Spring W / 4:10- 6:40 PM 1