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[THTR V3167] Dramaturgy

May 07, 2014

Bartholomai, Linda
[THTR V3167] Dramaturgy

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Perhaps she knew what she was talking about, but she most definitely does not know how to run a classroom. She didn't bother to engage anyone in the class, whether in terms of discussion or by making the material even remotely interesting. I think the majority of the class wondered whether she wanted to be teaching the class at all. None of us understood the purpose of her assignments, especially taking into account that dramaturgy is meant to be a collaborative experience. Instead of encouraging this type of communal learning that would have been more conducive to actually learning about her subject, she simply assigned generic weekly assignments asking random questions about the plays we were reading. Was this supposed to teach us the fundamentals of dramaturgy? We developed a tendency as a class to talk after it was over about the frustratingly lacking clarity of the material and dramaturgical concepts she was supposed to be teaching us. The class had such potential, considering the range of plays on the syllabus, but it turned out to be very disappointing, along with the teacher.


Weekly essays in response to the weekly readings that were unfortunately always very ambiguous in terms of what she expected from us and a final 20 page "casebook" that served no true purpose considering we never got them back.

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