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[E4138] Real Estate Finance/Construction Mgmt

April 28, 2014

Webster, Anthony Silver_nugget
[E4138] Real Estate Finance/Construction Mgmt

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Professor Webster brings many years of experience into the classroom both as a civil engineer and finance professional. The course is designed to expand students' knowledge of finance by focusing on the public and private real estate sectors (mostly U.S.) from a variety of perspectives: investors and taxpayers, architects and engineers, developers, etc.

In addition, the course is structured to help you strengthen your accounting and finance knowledge and and to help you dive into a variety of case studies and real-world scenarios that help you understand both project and financial incentives.

Overall, the class is well-organized (i.e. clear, well-delivered lectures) and provides a wonderful opportunity to learn more about real estate industry characteristics, investment opportunities, and more. The class is mostly geared to graduate students, but it welcomes undergraduate students which creates a great environment to learn from seasoned engineers and architects.


Homework: 20%
(Straightforward and practical)

Midterm exam: 25%
(Take home, Excel focused)

Project: 25%
(Get to search for your own property which you would intend on purchasing and then flipping or rebuilding)

Final exam: 25%
(Excel focused, Emphasis on financial models)

Class participation: 5%

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CEEM / CIEN CEEM CIEN E4138: Real Estate Fin/Const Manag Anthony Webster 2012 Fall T / 4:10- 6:40 PM 1