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Russian for Native speakers

January 04, 2002

Lebedev, Valentina Silver_nugget
Russian for Native speakers

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The class was, because of its vague title, with people of very mixed levels. Lebedev's nice but will nail you if you miss any of her copious homework. Maybe that's a good thing because unless you're reading at near-English speed and writing in cursive you can't miss an assignment without falling hopelessly behind. Lectures are a must-- this lady gets more done in 75 minutes than some professors do in a month of classes. Fulfills foreign language requirement so a good bargain if you only need to brush up on the reading and writing. Good luck!


Homework assignments (usually a packet of worksheets and some reading) after EVERY class-- doable if you come in reading and writing russian, hard if not. Also, quasi-mandatory corrections of all assignments. 2-3 essays. quizzes very often (averaging 1 a week), and a final.

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