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[BC1216] FYS Revolution: Locke to Luxembourg

April 15, 2013

Sloan, Herbert
[BC1216] FYS Revolution: Locke to Luxembourg

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Professor Sloan is one of, if not the most, boring professors I've ever had. Classes turned into hour-long rants. Everyone stopped paying attention very quickly. We rarely discussed the books, but rather Professor Sloan explained in mind numbing detail whatever happened to be on his mind that day.
Were the conversation to turn to a debate, he would patronize the class. Were you to disagree with him, he'd correct your grammar instead of responding to any point you may have had. He made it clear he had no interest in getting to know us and his dislike for the class itself.
The essays were never returned in a timely manner, making it next to impossible to improve. All notes on the papers were corrections to grammatical mistakes. He rarely, if ever, made comments on the content of the essay. It made it pretty easy to do well, but frustrating to watch hard work go unappreciated.
He can be really nice, and at times funny, but all in all, this was not a fun class to take.


3 papers, 5 pages each.

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