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[URBSV3308] Intro to Urban Ethnographies

May 28, 2013

Linn, Meredith
[URBSV3308] Intro to Urban Ethnographies

Please keep in mind that this review is more than 5 years old.

Meredith Linn's lectures were as bland as pasta from Ferris. Impossible to rescue. Drenched in monosaturated oil and ah--bland, bland sauce! Won't even sit on my darn fork for two seconds before it miserably slips away and plops back in my plate. Plop. Sound of my brian trickling asleep while she pops out another PPT after another. It is puzzling how a lecturer can be so plain and unattractive as this one I have encountered this spring. I would have rather been taught by a martian and still would have spent my time in class on the same level of excitement and vigour. Wait, hold that thought---call back the martian.

Who did the readings? Barely anyone. Very few did and would perk up in class to talk their mouths off. Ridiculous. She assigns too much and covers only an outline perspective. Without any previous knowledge, we could've talked about most of the things we were assigned to read. If that isn't bland for you, I suggest you make yourself a drink out of sriracha, horchata and matcha and drink it and run before I come fix you a second.

Talking to Meredith Linn? No way, Jose! She will nod her head a billion times while you spurt one sentence but not give a single meaningful feedback and move onto the next speaker or whatever subject matter she wishes to move onto. Which is okay but not really when it goes on for the entire entire semester. You can tell she doesn't like what is coming out of your mouth. So after awhile, you kind of forget that you have a mouth. She cannot teach, let alone articulate classroom discussions in such a way that many diverse opinions can eagerly take on participation.

Talib Kweli. Meredith Linn, please listen to him for a day and learn how many other ways you can say "bad" or "evil." Freestyle that mind! Such bland vocab. And don't teach us what is "bad" or "evil"---we're not living under communism. And as a matter of fact, I don't care what you think "bad" or "evil" is when you don't even give much thought to the discussions taking place inside the classroom and further delineating those terms to envelop these different statements.

Let me wrap up my review. I never want to be in her classroom again.


Lots of (bland) reading 2-3 articles/ essays a week, 1 final ethnography project (25-30 pages), group perspective project (couple of updates along the semester) piece of cake.

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