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[PHIL V1401] Introduction to Logic

November 26, 2013

Morrison, John
[PHIL V1401] Introduction to Logic

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One of the BEST professor you could ever have! Funny, smart, approachable, what else could anyone ask for? Despite having two TAs, I went three times to his office hours and he was so nice! And the TAs themselves are very helpful!

By the way, I'm taking this course right now and I'm a freshman. It's quite easy if you keep up with the reading and homework, but more importantly, it's fun! Professor Morrison is pretty straightforward concerning the exams material, telling you exactly what you need to know to get a good grades. The class's average is quite high in the two midterms we've had, so it's not hard or confusing.

He's also easy on the homework: it's only 10% of the grade and you just have to submit it before the exam! but the catch is that you don't earn any credit for it. But if you submit it before next class you earn full credit.


Two midterms and a final. Constant homework that let's you keep up with what's going on in class. Overall not much work.

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