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[BC1589] FYS Politics in the Novel

December 12, 2012

El-Ghobashy, Mona Silver_nugget
[BC1589] FYS Politics in the Novel

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Prof. El-Ghobashy is a rockstar. Her seminar was always interesting and she helped improve my writing tremendously. I enjoyed every class discussion and learned a lot about politics in literature, as well as about politics in general. I really recommend going to her office hours. She is fun to speak with and will offer guidance on your papers and will send you away with chocolate.
The workload was harder than most of my friends' English seminars, but I was so pleased with the class that I've almost forgotten about the difficult papers.


3 papers with drafts and finals copies. (essentially 6 papers)
5/6 books to read all semester
grading: fair.

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FYSB / FYSB FYSB FYSB BC1589: Global Lit: Poltcs &the Novel Mona El-Ghobashy 2012 Fall TR / 2:40- 3:55 PM 1